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            Export department manager:Ms Emma
            MP:86-15030809601 15030800083
            Add:NO.1 Shun xing Street, Hengshui City Hebei Province.
            Transmission line power steel pole
            Power Steel Pole
            10KV, 35KV, 110KV, 220KV, 500KV
            Q235, Q345, Q420, Q460 and etc.
            1.Aesthetical modelling
            2.Less land occupation
            3.Easy Installation and transport
            4.High intensity, long life span
            5.Environment protection:non toxic, no disposal cost, fully recyclable
            Product Classification:
            1.The conical power steel pole:
            Straight line, strain, dead-end, angle, T-post, long-span tower, area can cover every corner of the high voltage overhead line.
            2.Power steel pole:
            Plug-in type polyhedral conical steel pole;
            Tapered flanges connection steel pole;
            Steel concrete pole of thin-wall
            Manufacturing Technique:
            The Company has set up the advanced producing line of steel pole, based on DL/T646-2006, improve the more strict inner quality standard which ensure the nice design to carry out the perfect products.
            Product Application:
            1.The high voltage transmission line;
            2.Substation structure;
            3.The holder of overhead ground wire;
            4.Replace the old stringing tool, like concrete pole and angle steel tower.
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